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Poker's a Nightmare
  LemOn[5thF], Apr 05 2018

So today
I was plying too many tables, 6 I think (usually I play 3-4) already feeling anxious and then finallty I hit a set multiway

Get it all-in, 88 vs 66 on 86X all happy as he shows 66
But then on the river...King
And he flips over...Kings somehow even though he's already shown 66, and I lose just feeling shitty, day's ruined, how can this happen

It all felt completely real, but then . . .I woke up
It took me a while to realize it actually didn't happen, the feelings were so real!

And I was so happy to just wake up into a new day

Thanks for reading everyody,
Appreciate ya

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Quitting Poker
  LemOn[5thF], Apr 01 2018

After so many years, I still play around NL5
And although living off microstakes and eating ramen has been fun, but I'm 31 now and it's time to stop.

I want to thank you all on LP for supporting me, my last couple hands really opened my eyes.
Thank you for the words of wisdom

This site gave me a lot, and i will never forget all the support.

It's time for a stable job at last, Luckily I don't have to go too far.

Recently I've climbed all the way up to Ancient[2]in Dota so will give my shot streaming and grinding the MMR, and surely become a pro within months when I stop putting so much futile effort into microstakes poker, and I will have a steady profession at last that society respects.

Thank you, and best of luck in whatever you do, this is my goodbye.

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  LemOn[5thF], Feb 14 2018

I've never really been one to use pre-session routines.

Feel like playing, tables are there?
Fuck yea I'm not wasting my time, let's jump in!

But let's face it, my volume has either been less than stellar to say the least if I play in a great state only.
Or great but quality would falter, and I used to be in this ever lasting hype/burnout cycle until I started 3-4 tabling over a year ago.

Well you know what?
Maybe it is time to do more cheesy shit that the mental coaches tell you to do.

As Zig ziglar said, it is much easier to stay up than get up.
Is motivation permanent? Well of course not, but neither is bathing and he's always said he hopes people don't give up on that either.

What triggered this though? Well I downloaded a Sia album for grinding
And here there it was, this gem of a song:

There is something about hearing the words and then seeing the lyrics on screen and singing along that really pushes it into your brain.

I started being that crazy person you definitely don't want to work out at the gym next to.

Hogging the elyptical machine
Breathing heavier than a poodle trying to pork Lassie
Headphones in ignoring everything besides the sweaty butts of people and couples playing squash on the court downstairs
And singing his madman karaoke to a song only he hears
While fistpumping the air, bobbing to the rhytm and drumming on the controls.

And you knwo what? I love it, I did the same in the morning today.
ignore everything else, put the song to the screen and sing and dance like a madman,
with an unplugged microphone in my hand.
and here you go - I'm ready to conquer the day and take on the world.

If only I could remember next time I'm on my way down so I can just stay up instead of trying to get up

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