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  LemOn[5thF], Mar 04 2016

Sup LP!
We'll be doing a fun show tomorrow (Saturday) 21:30 CET/GMT+1 where we talk about Broodwar, Prague, and Pete reviews my 50 NLsesh

More info here:


Come join us!

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Stars Support ;)
  LemOn[5thF], Jan 08 2016

So imagine leave FPPS in Pokerstars account, they get transferred to starcoins, but not rounded up and you're small amount short of a cash bonus...You curse and write it off as bad beat, and keep the un-rounded up amount in there right?


I sent this to support instead

And well, this is their response

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Tommy Angelo tonight
  LemOn[5thF], Dec 10 2015

Hey guys, I'm doing a podcast with Tommy Angelo tonight 21:00 CET(GMT+1)

Stream will be at at

More info:

Trolls in chat welcome, you'll have to tune-in with a (free) Account

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