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I just love this woman
  LemOn[5thF], Jan 16 2019

Damn addicted to her streams, they are somehow very relaxing.
She has an acute tourettes, but has a great life philosophy, it's pretty inspirational actually.
And yes it is a disability but hilarious at the same time, she seems to be okay with people laughing at it
I just love to hear unique's people's stories and she's definitely one of them


Her wisdoms

Explaining her situation:

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Gym in your routine?
  LemOn[5thF], Dec 16 2018

Simple question

When in your poker routine is a gym if you could go any time and it were 5 minutes from your place.
my thoughts;
+ Show Spoiler +

Just wondering for you experienced guys - when the best time it's been for you to put work out in your routine to max energy for poker and life ev alike that you've been consistently able to sustain long term without burnouts?

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Trance Music
  LemOn[5thF], Dec 11 2018

If you've ever listened to this this kind of music in the past

Listen to this

And prepare for the hardcore nostalgia

The best of 15 years of Trance in 5 hours
You're welcome.

EDIT: I had no idea, just having my grind session, movie soundtracks like Oblivion are awesome, but can get a tad distracting.
So here, I got the idea! I used to listen to Thrillseekers while studying for my degree, why not slap their podcast on!

So download it blindly I put it on during a sesh
and go like
"uuhmmm yeah I like this

"hang on this sounds familiar"

"All trance sounds the same that's probably it dude, keep grindin'"

"No hang on I've definitely heard THIS one before"

check the website
"15 Years of trance, best of set"

and started dancing around my room, felt nostalgic as fuck when I paid attention to the set
The very second song is the one from Human Traffic soundtrack from the kiss for example

Safe as fuck

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