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High Stakes Poker!
  LemOn[5thF], Feb 15 2019

If you didn't know all the episodes are on youtube in full now!
It's just beautifully soothing seeing Negreanu get stacked and down 500k

Or this absolute gem!

What are YOUR favourite moments from the show?
1) Greenstein AA vs KK Farha hand
2) Those 2 big all-in pots with dwan vs greenstein
3) Seeing Galfond on there
4) Seeing Negreanu and Elezra on the show just add more oomph now that we see them in a different light

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How to Get Wamen!
  LemOn[5thF], Jan 26 2019

Struggle No More!
Move to Georgia and learn this" Lezginka", a standard way to ask a chick out over there
And wamen are all yours!

Unfortunately, no classes in Prague where I live, no hope for me

But maybe you have a chance gentlemen, search a Lezginka lesson near you!

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I just love this woman
  LemOn[5thF], Jan 16 2019

Damn addicted to her streams, they are somehow very relaxing.
She has an acute tourettes, but has a great life philosophy, it's pretty inspirational actually.
And yes it is a disability but hilarious at the same time, she seems to be okay with people laughing at it
I just love to hear unique's people's stories and she's definitely one of them


Her wisdoms

Explaining her situation:

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